About CIAO

CIAO was incorporated in Virginia as a non-profit organization in December 2011.

Our Goal

To establish a cultural arts center on Chincoteague Island to share film, performing arts, education programs, and other entertainment with our community and visitors.

Many communities have reclaimed closed or failing movie theaters and converted these structures into cultural arts centers that draw visitors and enhance the local economy. The Island Theater provides such an opportunity for Chincoteague.

How You Can Help

    • With financial support
      • CIAO needs additional funds to support the immediate repairs and renovations needed to improve the look and comfort of the theater, upgrade the projection equipment and restore the stage.
    • Volunteer with CIAO
      • CIAO needs all types of volunteers to make the project a success. We are in immediate need of people who can help paint and clean the theater as well as volunteers with contracting skills who can help with repairs.
      • We also need volunteers who can help with operational tasks such as selling tickets or concessions as well as volunteers who can help with marketing and fund-raising projects.

      If you can help with any of these tasks, please contact CIAO at [Contact_Form_Builder id=”2″]

Contributions can be mailed to: CIAO · P.O. Box 1217 · Chincoteague Island, VA · 23336

CIAO is a nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.